Beauty After Breast Cancer

A Book By Breast Cancer Patients For Breast Cancer Patients.

Beauty After Breast Cancer is a gorgeous coffee table book designed to support newly diagnosed patients with authentic stories, stunning portraits, and possessing vital information one needs to know after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

 “Through a series of portraits and biographies, Beauty After Breast Cancer unmasks the physicality of life after breast cancer and expertly shows that after surgery, a feeling of beauty, a renewed sense of identity, and a so-called new normal can be reached.”
~The Lancet Oncology

Why is this book important to you and your patients?

Two reasons: it contains important medical information in an easily processed and uplifting format, and it creates improved satisfaction and participation with care.

  1. A patient who is operating in crisis mode is not absorbing all of the important points needed in order to ask questions and actively participate in their care plan. 
    • Beauty After Breast Cancer provides information in small, easily absorbed pieces that simultaneously inform and support patients.
    • All medical information is presented in a general sense, with guidance as to how and when they need to communicate with you as their provider. 
  2. Patients who have hope about their illness, who feel supported, and have a solid grasp of what to expect from their treatments feel more in-control, are happier, and are more effectively involved in their care. 
    • As one patient stated, “This book helped me to be less scared of everything. Every time I picked it up I felt like I had my own personal support group.”
    • This is a resource that reaches the patient and their family, to allow a format for patients to discuss their decisions and process outside of the office.
    • Seeing a range of surgical outcomes (including post-op infections or radiation burns) set patients up with a more realistic expectation for their own surgery, giving a higher satisfaction level with their personal results.
    • Being able to see faces and personality in post-op photos helps patients to feel less depersonalized by their experiences. Seeing other patients who have made it through breast cancer and are living lives “beyond cancer” gives hope and provides resilience to new patients. 

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