Beauty After Breast Cancer

A Book By Breast Cancer Patients For Breast Cancer Patients.

The book "Beauty After Breast Cancer" is being created to share hope and information with women facing breast cancer. The book is scheduled for release during Breast Cancer Awareness month in 2014.

A coffee-table-style medical resource book, filled with hope and information for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. Featuring the stories and bare-chested portraits of 38 previously diagnosed patients.

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There is life beyond cancer...

Thirty-seven women and one man who have faced off with breast cancer are creating a unique medical resource book designed to bring hope and information to new breast cancer patients, in a beautifully simple and unintimidating format. It is the book we all wish we'd had at the time of our diagnoses.

We are sharing the tips and information we wish we'd been given. Beauty After Breast Cancer also shares inspiring bare-chested portraits that show all of the surgical options available to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, accompanied by our stories of how we held onto ourselves through the experience of fighting breast cancer.

There is life, and beauty, and strength, and motherhood- even after breast cancer. We will prove it…and we will give that proof as a gift to the 1.7 million people who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and are trying to find these answers during one of most frightening times of their lives. 


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