Beauty After Breast Cancer
Beauty After Breast Cancer
A Book By Breast Cancer Patients For Breast Cancer Patients.

Perspective Matters

How to Respond to Cancer

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The professional and gorgeous photos of women are full of joy, and the attitude is that they may have lost a body part, but they didn't lose what is most important. This book should be in every single breast surgeon's office.     -But doctor...I hate pink

[This] book is changing women's lives, encouraging each survivor to love themselves, their scars and their journey. -Breast Cancer Answers

The book does not push a particular agenda, [and is easily] absorbed at whatever pace feels kind of functions as a private support group- one you can dip into whenever you need it.     -Amy, Breast Friends award nomination

Beauty After Breast Cancer excels in presenting the emotional journey that can accompany breast cancer [and simultaneously] conveys a message of hope. Hope that after the ordeal of breast cancer treatment and diagnosis, there is the possibility of a life not only filled with beauty, but in which it is possible to feel beautiful.    -The Lancet Oncology

When it comes to a heart-wrenching diagnosis, there must be more than numbers shown in order to make a patient, rather, a human being, comfortable and prepared to take on medical options and keep themselves optimistic. There is a severe lack of compassion when it's needed most. Beauty after Breast Cancer is the solution to this crucial issue.    -Nikki Erlick, Redbook Magazine

With one foot in the medical world and one foot in the patient world, Katelyn Carey had the experience and knowledge it takes to create a life-changing book aimed at individuals diagnosed with breast cancer. This book is not an insipid pamphlet or images lined with statistics. It is a work of art that is accomplishing exactly what modern medicine would not.   -Samantha Matcovsky, Huffington Post

Holy crap this book is phenomenal!    -Xeni, Editor of

This is not just a book for breast cancer patients, this is a book for everyone. The inspirational stories, that adjustment of learning to love our bodies as they are, the celebration of life and beauty- everyone needs to read this.   -Lori, Ashland Community Hospital Volunteer


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