Beauty After Breast Cancer
Beauty After Breast Cancer
A Book By Breast Cancer Patients For Breast Cancer Patients.

We Are Stronger
of What
We've Been Through


“Beauty After Breast Cancer… is a gorgeous coffee table book with 38 narratives accompanied by extraordinary images of breast cancer survivors. The authentic stories are uplifting and comprehensive, while possessing the vital information one needs to know after being diagnosed with breast cancer.”  ~Huffington Post

In Beauty After Breast Cancer, thirty-seven women and one man use their experiences as breast cancer patients to help you understand what to expect with fast-moving treatment plans and how to stay more comfortable in your body through the many changes associated with surgeries. The information is presented simply, in an unintimidating manner, with:

  1. Beautiful portraits of real people that show different types of surgeries; different ages and body types; and different stages of healing. 
  2. A format that helps you to understand your options and discuss these choices with your support team, as well as make decisions in partnership with your medical team.
  3. The support of other patients who share the tips and resources that best helped them.
  4. A sense of hope that you will not lose yourself to this disease. There is life beyond cancer, even though it can take time before you feel solid again. Baby steps…
  5. A wide range of experiences, trials, and triumph that represent and resonate with people who are anywhere in that spectrum of experience. This book is for those newly diagnosed, and for previously diagnosed patients still working to come back to themselves. 

“This is the resource book I wish I’d had…it kind of functions as a private support group- one you can dip into whenever you need it”.  ~Amy, patient

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