Beauty After Breast Cancer

A Book By Breast Cancer Patients For Breast Cancer Patients.

The book "Beauty After Breast Cancer" is being created to share hope and information with women facing breast cancer. The book is scheduled for release during Breast Cancer Awareness month in 2014.


Q: How come all of the pictures on the site are of you?

A: Because I respect your privacy more than I do mine. Until I have a truly secure website, and full permission from the people photographed, I will not share other's photos in an online format.

Q: If I want to participate in the book, do I have to take my shirt off?

A: Yes and no. Scarves, props, etc can certainly be used to increase comfort level. But this is a book meant to show what the outcomes of different surgery procedures and their follow-ups look like, so that others facing those decisions can become less intimidated by them. So yes, there does have to be a fair bit of chest exposure. But there are ways to still make this feel more private, and I'm happy to talk to you about what options are available if you have more questions.


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