General Information on Breast Cancer

The Why? Foundation —

"What The F@#- Is Cancer, And Why Does Everybody Have It" — an amazing Documentary on what it's like to undergo a cancer diagnosis, radiation and chemotherapy, and recovery: by award-winning filmmaker Allison Gryphon.

Healthline —

A great general resource site, that includes videos on multiple subjects, information on different types of cancer, information on different types of surgeries.

NCCS (National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship) —

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship shares stats and coping skills to give hope to newly diagnosed cancer patients. Gives information on how to build a support network, how to manage your appointments and treatments

Breast Reconstruction: Surgeon's Offices and Information

Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery —

Dr. Alex Sobel of Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery is an award-winning, double-board certified Seattle-area surgeon who is proficient in all areas of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Visit his website to learn more about his practice and the procedures he offers. The Before & After galleries and the “Everything You Need to Know About Breast Implants” series are particularly notable.

in Bellevue, WA

Center for Plastic Surgery —

The Center for Plastic Surgery is a multi-doctor practice in the Washington, DC area. The website features detailed descriptions of cutting-edge options for post-mastectomy breast reconstruction techniques including autologous tissue reconstruction and microsurgery, as well as information about the process and timeline.

in Annandale, VA and Chevy Chase, MD

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery —

Dr. Paul Parker of New Jersey's Parker Center for Plastic Surgery provides natural-looking cosmetic and reconstructive surgery results. The practice’s website hosts a wealth of resources, including videos of patient stories, an implant guide, and information about their unique Rapid Recovery Program.

in Paramus, NJ

The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery —

Serving the greater Atlanta area, The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery uses the most recent advancements in the art and science of reconstructing the breast to offer personalized options for all women facing mastectomy and is committed to developing the best plan for each patient. The practice’s site offers detailed procedural descriptions, Before & After galleries, and blog posts that explore and explain different options for breast surgery.

in Alpharetta, GA

Elizabeth Institute,  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery —

A compassionate, competent surgery clinic, the Elizabeth Institute focuses on enhancing the way patient's feel about themselves, and improving quality of life. Dr. Margo Herron is a highly trusted board certified plastic surgeon who specialized in breast reconstruction, hand surgery, and cosmetic surgery. A particularly helpful resource on their site provides animated videos that explain/show the different types of breast reconstruction surgeries. 

in Ashland, OR

Our Partners

PhotoJoseph Studios —

PhotoJoseph is the principal photographer on the Beauty After Breast Cancer project. He is a commercial and portrait photographer with a studio in Ashland, Oregon.

in Ashland, OR

Reel House Films —

Filmmaker Sean Nipper is helping us to create a "behind the scenes" story of Beauty After Breast Cancer, that will be included in television spots and our own video updates.

in Ashland, OR