Beauty After Breast Cancer

A Book By Breast Cancer Patients For Breast Cancer Patients.

Beauty After Breast Cancer is a gorgeous coffee table book designed to support newly diagnosed patients with authentic stories, stunning portraits, and possessing vital information one needs to know after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

READY to go to PRINT!

I have been lax in my updates...I have been so busy doing, that I forgot to write about doing. But, this morning our edit copy went to press! We will have the book in hand by next week, and will be doing our final edit touches right after that. 

I couldn't have hoped for a more beautiful, informative, and inspiration book. What an amazing effort, from so many people, to create this resource. I am honored to have worked with every one of you. 

We have gained and lost our funding for print twice, due to factors outside of this project. We are going for round three, and we still need to finish raising those funds before we can print the full run of books. There is space reserved on our sponsors page for just this purpose! So if you know of an organization who would like to be a part of this incredible patient outreach effort, please contact us! We'll keep you posted...


The BABC Team

All Stories and Photos Completed!

We are in the final phases, and everything is now with our book designer! We had an amazing trip down to LA, where we were hosted by The Figueroa Hotel. Five women were photographed at the hotel, with it's beautiful moroccan backdrop. Joseph then continued on to Kansas City to shoot a session with Bret Miller, the founder of The Male Breast Cancer Coalition. This finishes our participant list with five more than we originally planned for; we have a total of 38 amazing portraits and stories that make up the body of Beauty After Breast Cancer

The pictures are beautiful, the stories are amazing. We are now sharing them with a few different organizations as we discuss potential partnerships with cancer care organizations in order to complete our fundraising, and keep us on track for our print date of October 1st. It's an exciting time! And we'll do our best to keep you that the pacing has slowed down slightly!

Again I want to express our profound gratitude to the brave participants in the book, the venues and organizations that have supported us in our photo sessions (Stimson Green Mansion in Seattle, Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, The Figueroa Hotel in LA, Heart and Hands boutique in Ashland, Ashland Community Hospital, Bill's Glass, and Butler Ford), and all of you for your interest in support in creating this valuable resource. THANK YOU.


The Beauty After Breast Cancer team has done several stories with local media lately, and has even discussed some international appearances after the book publishes. Fundraising is in progress through and through discussions with potential corporate sponsors. We welcome on board our first medical sponsor and collaborator, The Elizabeth Institute, the fabulous office of Dr. Margo Herron: a plastic surgeon who contributes greatly to breast cancer outreach and support.

Additionally we've started to partner with some amazing organizations and projects (BRA-day, The Why Foundation) and are working to create a more comprehensive resource website for breast cancer patients. Our Facebook page is now up, please feel free to "like" our page and receive continuing updates.

You will now start seeing more information and followers for Beauty After Breast Cancer. We have been holding off on promoting the site and project until we were in "full swing" with production. We have an active list of participants, but are still speaking to additional breast cancer patients who are interested in sharing their stories and photos in the book. Feel free to contact us!

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