Beauty After Breast Cancer

A Book By Breast Cancer Patients For Breast Cancer Patients.

The book "Beauty After Breast Cancer" is being created to share hope and information with women facing breast cancer. The book is scheduled for release during Breast Cancer Awareness month in 2014.


The Beauty After Breast Cancer team has done several stories with local media lately, and has even discussed some international appearances after the book publishes. Fundraising is in progress through and through discussions with potential corporate sponsors. We welcome on board our first medical sponsor and collaborator, The Elizabeth Institute, the fabulous office of Dr. Margo Herron: a plastic surgeon who contributes greatly to breast cancer outreach and support.

Additionally we've started to partner with some amazing organizations and projects (BRA-day, The Why Foundation) and are working to create a more comprehensive resource website for breast cancer patients. Our Facebook page is now up, please feel free to "like" our page and receive continuing updates.

You will now start seeing more information and followers for Beauty After Breast Cancer. We have been holding off on promoting the site and project until we were in "full swing" with production. We have an active list of participants, but are still speaking to additional breast cancer patients who are interested in sharing their stories and photos in the book. Feel free to contact us!

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